Scheduler function available with Thinger?

Is it possible to set a timer switch control with Thinger and also is there “close loop” system function when a desired temperature is reached, the heating cooling function automatically stop ?

I look forward to any suggestions or comments .

PS . Great to join the community and learn together

IMHO that is definitely what your device should do and not the task of dashboard.
But you can get the set points and the switching times from Thinger.
Whereas a widget to enter times/dates could be nice to have…

Hi Rin67630,

this sound positive… Thank you :slight_smile:

I totally agree with @rin67630, it is a good practice to avoid the communication on control tasks, so the device doesn’t need to ask if turn something ON or OFF, it has the criteria to take the action, the communication should be involved just in case where those parameters are updated, but in the worst case when the communication with remote device is lost, the device will keep handeling the process with the last saved values.