Save file parameters (with nodered or other)

hi, I need to create a file from the data received from mqtt. this file are the parameters of the
controller (approximately 1.2 Kbyte in size).
I’m thinking of sending about ten blocks of data from mqtt followed by the crc on json format and using filewrite on nodered to add the data to the txt file.
but I don’t understand how to use filewrite on nodered and what path should I need to insert to allow storage in my “filestorage”.
once stored then I will have to think about reading and sending data to the controller to recover the parameters.
if you have any solution ,the device I use is an esp32.

best regards


Hi @secur_lab,

You can use the storage write and storage read nodes to write into Thinger filestoreage, but maybe using device properties suits your needs better. Any files stored in the Node-RED environment will not be persisted.

Currently we don’t have a way to directly mount a file storage into Node RED but we are looking into it.

Best Regards!