Run Raspberry thinger server without internet access?

I would like to test a system in a remote location without internet access. Is it possible to run the server deployment on a Raspberry Pi and access the dashboard web interface without having internet access on the Raspberry, where the Raspberry is acting as a local AP? Is the dashboard hosted on the RPi or remotely?

Hy @robotics,

I think this is not possible because the on-premise instance requires daily license validation via internet, and also the frontend is hosted in amazon cloudfront.


Hi @JorgeTrincado seriously?

Even when we installed in a PC which is running Linux OS and connected via LAN?
What kind of validation is it required to be online?

I am planning to host thinger locally for several client.

I found this in the FAQs section:

Yes, supports on-premise installs over Docker by using a License Key to enable certain platform features.

Can’t find more information than that.

Hello all,

sorry about the delay, we still defining on-premise features and conditions, hope to be able to release and document everything properly before the end of the year and clarify all these doubts.

Thank you so much for your patience, and best regards!