Rotary Encoder + Nodemcu

I’m trying to read the rotary encoder value using my Nodemcu. I can’t figure out the loop I should use, please help me out here.


We can try to help you, but you need to invest a little more of time documenting your issue, saying at least the devices you are working with, what the device does, what doesn’t, specifically what you want to do, tests already done, results and any further information that help somebody totally isolated from your requirement understand all the details.

On other hand, note that this forum is dedicated to support the thinger device’s integration and platform, basically we can help you if you need to integrate a device or a process to thinger platform, if you need help with your device before the cloud integration, surely you may find better support and experienced users with similar projects at other forums, as the arduino forum, for example.

Hope this helps.

I apologize for the lack of context, but I had been stuck at one problem and wrote that query out of sheer frustration late at night :sweat_smile: However, I figured it out the next day when I started working with a clear mind.

Thanks for the advice though, I’ll keep it in mind if I ask for help again.