REST create thing


I’m trying to create a thing via a POST REST request, but I get the following msg:

{“error”:{“message”:“cannot access this resource”}}

The request that i made is this:
Content-Type: application/json


Hi, create a thing? or change a value in a resource? this command is for sending to the device “test1” and the resource “led” (The user seems to not be specified correctly), a value of 50 in the input. Not sure if you are providing an authorization key for the device, but the error message suggests that the token is not correct.

Hi Alvarolb, change a value in a resource. I will have a look later this week. The REST adres syntax is correct?

I did have a mistake in the token. But do have a different error now

“device not available”

Hello again, still experimenting with Thinger.Io and loving the idea.
Via an ESP8266 I’m able to connect to “Thinger.Io” and my variables show up in the “API Explorer”. But in my case I would like to send data that “Thinger.Io” only via REST commands, including creating the resource. Is this possbile?
My devices are not able to be connected to “” all the time, because of battery power.


The last msg that I send to “Thinger.Io” is the following, with error.
Content-Type: application/json
{ “in”: 50}

{“error”: {“message”: “cannot access this resource”}-}

Hi again @Menno_Faber,

currently you cannot define resources and push data over REST commands. However there is an upcoming feature that will be available in around a week, that could help you if you want to store historic data (but not interact with the device). It is also planned a functionality to store static data like variables of your devices.