Rescale sigfox data


Hi everyone, i’ve already set a callback on my profile in []

setting from sigfox callback portal the json body but one of my values like the themperature, coming from the device need to be rescaled and i want to do it from the json body but sigfox doesn’t permit math calculations on it.

how can i subract from my {customData#TempInt} a value like 5 for example…
Is there any way to do it from by bucket or the dashboard?

Now i receve in my cloud the value of the temp, like 38 but i want to see 8 (38 - 30 )



Hy @sistralsrl,

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now only with the platform, but it will soon (so stay tuned). By the time, maybe you can create a nodeRED instance using the version that is in our github and process it… or retrieve the data with other WiFi device, process it and store in a new bucket, it is easy but not very scalable.

Best regards