Reconnection problem using SIM800L

I’m facing a problem with re-connection time

Current setup : Arduino + SIM800L

system connects well then after 2 to 5 minutes, server restarts the connection

2022-01-24 14:44:05.314 (880818.570s) [worker thread 1 ] device.cpp:61 INFO|shutting down device Admin@thinger: 2

SIM800L power is 4.2V and stable.

Network signal is perfect.

it was tested with library version 2.17 and lastest version of tinygsm

Tried different versions of the library, but got the same results

Notice : SIM800L doesn’t disconnect and reconnect, only the socket which disconnect and connect again with no time.

Any help. @alvarolb @ega

I had similar problem. The Thinger Server disabled my device after repeated connections and disconnections, due to the “Bucket - From Device Resource: Sampling Interval” writing feature (see this post). Thinger Server performed multiple writes to Bucket due to WebSocket connection and disconnection. I understand it as a critical point that needs to be improved on the Thinger Server.

But I couldn’t identify the reason for the various connections and disconnections. On the website of the company that provides Internet access via GSM, the indicator indicated that the modem had been connected for several minutes and was stable.

I would like developers to more quickly and transparently discuss these issues with the community.

Hello George,

I managed to solve the problem temporary by moving “return connect_client();” as picture.

and manually check the client on intervals and check it twice if connected then stop and reconnect it again if not connected.