Reconnect Device

I made a mistake with an endpoint call and my device has been disabled by due to excessive calls.
Now that I have fixed my code how do I enable my device again.


It will be easier if you create a new device on thinger and replace the DEVICE_ID and DEVICE_CREDENTIAL on your system with those for your new device.

Hi Hans,
Does that mean I would have to edit all my widgets and point them to the new device?

Hi Hans,
I was able to delete the disabled device and create a new device with the same credentials.
I did not have to edit any widgets.

So all is good.

Yes, the dashboard is separate from the bucket and device, you can always change the data source on your widget to display different data.

If you keep the deviceID and the resource name, no aditional change needed, so you may, for example, to change device credentials and it is transparent for the dashboards, because they will look for a determinated deviceID and determinated resource.

I am glad you guys figured it out.