RaspberryPi 3+ Thinger server boot problems


I can’t get my Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ to boot Thinger Server Snappy Core boot image bought by the Shop

I Tried to make card for:

  • Win32 Disk Imager
  • Rufus
  • Etcher
  • Linux with classic “dd if” method

Cards I have tested are Kingston 8-16GB models

When I power up the Raspi, Power led is lightning steady red (No blinking whatsoever) There’s that rainbow background and no action. When I connect the card back to Windows, it says The drive must be formatted. There is 104Mt system-boot with several files and pi2-kernel_29.snap directory.

Meanwhile newest Rasbian boots nicely and work as intended. I even get The Thinger Server to almost work correctly.

I can insert new devices but can not save any Buckets and Dashboards. When making them and then i go to the settings, all fields are blank and if I insert them again (using the icon right top corner), the form got Error 404 at the bottom of ii when i press the save button

Is there anything that i can test for next?

I really love this thing! My normal Linux box has it for test purposes. I was fooling around with ESP8266 boards. One nice thing for use in dashboards is WiFi Signal Strength.

thing[“RSSI”] >> [](pson& out) { out = WiFi.RSSI(); };



EDIT: Seems like image do not have firmware for Raspberry Pi 3+ > bcm2710-rpi-3-b-plus.dtb
EDIT2: Seems like Injecting the bcm2710-rpi-3-b-plus.dtb inside the img first partition is not enough.
EDIT3: Got Rasbian Strech working. I will wait for Raspberry Pi3 Image – Thinger.io Server that works with Rapbperry Pi3 plus

Ok, so the problem is the RaspberryPi 3+. We did not tested with such device. Will try to add support for that as soon as posible!

@boozeman, I’m having the same issue you described. Rasp Pi3 B+ loaded with raspbian stretch image.

How did you manage to get the buckets & dashboards working? (in reference to your EDIT3)


I installed Rasbian (It is the only one working with PI 3+ for now.)

The key is that you have to install Mongodb-org 3.x. The 2.x wont work with Thinger properly (As far as I tested).

I was using thinger-mongodp-server_x1.snap from Thinger.io image that i was bought earlier.

Thanks @boozeman! Upgrading to mongod 3.x+ made it

you can explain better