Raspberry Pi Get started

Hi guys,

Just want to compliment the Thinger.Io team on the brilliant toolkit. I am busy working on a prototype using a raspberry pi and i am quiet new to Thinger. I have managed to setup and connect my device to the dashboard but i would like to pass telemetry from sensors such as a DHT and OPEN-SMART GT-7U. I understand that thinger is mostly c++ which i am somewhat familar with but i would like to understand how would you structure your code on a PI as well as how would you test whether properties are initialized etc. I would really appreciate it if any of you could provide some sample code etc

The Thinger code has been given. The only problem is, that C++ has practically no support in the Raspberry Pi world. Libraries are a complete mess. Compiling something for experts…
I can’t wait to get support for Python, albeit I don’t like the language, but it is the only thing with a community there.

Hi there,

Thanks for the response. Any idea when the python support will be available? I am kind of working on a strict timeline :pensive:

Then you ought to consider another strategy.
I am developing for an ESP8266 instead, and send the data to a Raspberry via UDP for the longe .term processing.