R language with Jupyter or NodeRed

Hi , @jaimebs

I saw that the Thinger repository on github informs the possibility of using the R language with Jupyter.
Is it already possible to use this plugin?
Basically, I would like to 1) read data from a Bucket; 2) process and analyze the data with the R language; 3) write the results to a device property.
I would also like to use R packages (tidyverse [dplyr, tidyr, stringr, lubridate, purrr, …], jsonlite…)

I would also like to try using the R language with a node inside NodeRed, but I’m afraid of breaking the Server and it going offline.

Hello @George_Santiago

Glad you reached the new plugins repository. Currently we are looking into implementing this repo onto the plugins marketplace.

The Jupyter R plugin takes the official image from the Jupyter Project, and it seems that it already implements tidyverse, but I believe not jsonlite. Regarding the access to the buckets/properties it is possible but not integrated into the plugin, therefore you would need to request the data through the API.

As the installation it is not yet available through the platform, you can test it out by deploying it from a file storage:

Regarding using R in Node-RED, I’m afraid I can’t tell you much. It seems that the flow you linked and the R dependency it uses are not being currently maintained, so it might not be a future proof solution.

Let us know if you need any help into deploying the plugin locally.