Question - Device Status Screen (Graph, APIs and Inspector)

Hello, I have a question about the information on the Device Status Screen.
The Sent Bytes range is approximately 4000 bytes. Is correct? Wouldn’t the correct value be approximately 400 bytes?



The inspector does not identify the Device API mapping.:
Wouldn’t it be nice to see the methods of this data flow in the Inspector?

I navigated between the Status and API screen and it consumed almost 400 bytes to map the Device’s resources.


Apparently, loading the Status screen generates this spike in data traffic.
If I have a Status tab open and I load another tab with the API screen, the traffic is around 350 bytes. Which seems correct.
But loading the Status page generates a data traffic spike in the graph of 4000 to 6000 bytes.
I don’t know if this peak of data traffic occurs between the platform and the device.

An open tab with the Device Status screen. In another browser tab, I open the API screen. It generates a traffic of 350 bytes.

When opening the Device Status screen, the graph shows a spike of almost 7000 bytes of traffic. Is this correct?

I think I unveiled the mystery.
The first graph that appears represents the total “Transmitted Data” and the total “Received Data”.
It was this behavior that caused confusion.