Question about Thinger Server

Hello I have been using thinger for about 2-3 years. Thank you so much for this amazing platform.
But few months ago I started using thinger-maker-server on my aws instance on ubuntu.
But I want to install it on Docker, why there is no docker support available? I would be great.
and also the SSL is not working with Endpoints.

Best Regards.

Hello @thespacesiddhesh

Actually the On-premise Docker supported server instance is going to be released on january, solving also this and other problems the good old maker server had.

stay tuned!

Has the thinger maker server completely been discontinued? can it still be downloaded?

Hello @Kwb13,

Old Snap Maker Server is completely discontinued, but the Dockerized one is available, please check de documentation above :

Is there any way i can still access it? i need to repair my installation after a failed SD Card. I do not want to go the docker route just yet…