Push data to bucket data

Hi there!
Is there any way to push 2 data with different time but in 1 line?
Like in the bucket data i want the output kinda like this :
Line 1,time stamp, machine A, time start, time ends.

*Time start and end stands for how long the machine works.

I think it could be done if i pushing the data after the time ends.
But if i do it that way, its kinda late for a realtime purpose.

Is there any way?


I’m sorry but I do not understand clearly what you want to do.

For time start and time ends, what value specifically you want to record, the time in unix format?
You may have a bucket with that columns without issue, “timestamp”, “machine”, “start”, “end”, but I dont get what specifically you want.

Explain a little bit more to be able to help you.



If you like to have an time between something you must push it after the time ends, because you cannot write into an written end sent data.
What I would do, is to send the Start with an Data Identification number and then a second Push with the end Time and same Data Identification number. When you analyze the data on the Thinger Data Bucket you can match the two written Data lines which matches together and you can calculate the Time between the two timestamps and know how long that it taked.

Hope this helps


thanks for the help!

The easiest way is probably to have one master ESP, that collects the data from the other ones and is responsible to write into the buckets.