Push button email alert

Unable to connect nodemcu for push button email alert the sample code on audrino works well and it is stating as device connected the following one:#include <ThingerESP8266.h>

#define USERNAME “vijaysiva”
#define DEVICE_ID “Thingercheck”
#define DEVICE_CREDENTIAL “tayNvnJ!pppN”

#define SSID “vijayhathway”
#define SSID_PASSWORD “vijay@1234”


void setup() {

thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);

// digital pin control example (i.e. turning on/off a light, a relay, configuring a parameter, etc)
thing[“led”] << digitalPin(LED_BUILTIN);

// resource output example (i.e. reading a sensor value)
thing[“millis”] >> outputValue(millis());

// more details at http://docs.thinger.io/arduino/

void loop() {
but when i connect using the following code below it shows device is not connected
#include <SPI.h>
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ThingerWifi.h>

ThingerWifi thing(“vijaysiva”,“PanicAlarm”,“N9_e5be-V3V8”); // thinger.io( username,device name,device credentials )
int pushPin = 14; //the digital pin to the PIR sensor’s output
int ledPin = 4;
int val = 0; //variable for reading pin status

void setup() {

pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT); // declare LED as output
pinMode(pushPin,INPUT_PULLUP); //declare push button as input
//connecting to WiFi
thing.add_wifi(“vijayhathway”,“vijay@1234”); //SSID & password for mobile hotspot
Serial.println(“entering the gates”);

void loop() {
val = digitalRead(pushPin);
Serial.println(val); //read input value
if (val == LOW) { //checks if the input is High (button released)
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //turn LED OFF
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

//digitalWrite(inPin, HIGH);

} else {
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //turn LED ON

I did not receive any errors please help me to connect my nodemcu to thingerio for pushbutton email alert

Hi, please take your time and post the code in the right way, to read it easily and help you faster.

…and change your passwords and credentials, since you have published them for the whole world…

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Dear ega
Post it in the right way in the sense you want me to share it as a ino file ?

No, check in the button tools of the posting window that there is one specific to add (or format) the code, select all the code and apply the format.

Is the button with the symbol “</>”, select all the sketch text and push the button to give the format, to read it easily.

Hope this helps,