Pulling data from a website to ESP8266?

Okay, I’m sure this is a novice question that is covered somewhere else, so forgive a poor programming noob.

I am attempting to make a device which points at the ISS wherever it is by collecting the current coordinates from http://www.isstracker.com/ automatically and constantly and plugging them into an equation to turn those coordinates into degrees.

The information on here seems to be mostly oriented towards manual control of a device or taking info from the device, rather than from the web. Is this kind of internet data retrieval something thinger can do, and if so, how?

Followup question: ideally, I would like to get my own coordinates also. The device will be connected to the internet via an iphone 3g/wifi hotspot, and getting the coords of the phone. Can this also be done?


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Hy Ryan! this is a nice project, so we will try to help you all as its possible.

There is no a Thinger.io funcionality that collect data directly from web to device but, you can use “Space channel” from IFTTT to make a recipe with this data and send it to Thinger.io server with a “Maker channel”. You can see a tutorial here: https://community.thinger.io/t/make-your-iot-things-react-to-hundred-of-ifttt-events/41

Other way could be download all HTML text from isstracker.com and parse it to extract the location, but it will be much difficult.

Has anyone retired to pull historical data from “data bucket”?

Hi @Shivang_Patel, what do you mean with pulling data from bucket? from the device itself?