"Project Member" cannot view dashboard

Hello guys.

We migrated to Thinger’s MEDIUM plan. We are very excited about the possibilities and new features.

But we are encountering difficulty or a “bug” in a feature.

We create users with “Project Member” rules/profile.
However, the user “Project Member” cannot view the Dashboard created for the project.

We created a Dashboard with an Admin user. Next, we add a “Project Member” user to the project.
But the user “Project Member” cannot view the panel (widgets…) created by the Admin.

We tried again releasing all access on the user token “Project Member”, but there was no dashboard view.

Does anyone have the same problem? Or is it something we are configuring wrong?

What appears for the “Project Member” user:

The example dashboard created by Admin:



Add the following permission:
Type: Project
Resource: [projectName]
Action: [“ReadProjectConfig”]

This should show the default configured dashboard at [projectName].

Hope this helps.

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Hello, @ega

Many thanks for the reply. I just found out and then saw your message.

The correct setting is “ReadProjectProperty