Problems with device certificates on medium instance

Hi, I recently updated to a medium private instance and so far so good. I set up a custom domain and handled the DNS on Cloudflare.

I am now trying to provision new devices, but these cannot connect to my instance. In the logs I see they try to get to, despite setting THINGER_SERVER to the right instance name (I tried both the that I had and the new domain).

The boards are arduino with Nina and I followed the usual procedure (updating the NINA firmware and then sending certificate using Arduino IDE). This procedure used to work without problems, but not anymore. Am I missing something?


Hi @tomastik,

if the log is showing that it is connecting to, it means that the THINGER_SERVER is not well established, Please. ensure that your #define THINGER_SERVER "your_domain" is set on the first line of your code, before any other include.

Moreover, for Arduino devices, please, install the certificate of your server, either from, or your custom domain, as it differs from the community certificates.

Hope it helps!

Hi @alvarolb,

Thanks for your reply. I have indeed the THINGER_SERVER set up with my domain, and I have uploaded the certificate by using the feature on the Arduino IDE, as specified on your docs. But it seems it is not working still. What is the correct URL I should put when I load the certificate on the Nina chip? My full domain or As a reminder, I am now on a Medium instance.

The weird thing is that I was already on a private instance (so was already established) and everything was working okay with a certificate loaded on my board. It seems the problem started when I upgraded to Medium.

I am trying to follow the instructions on your docs to the letter, but clearly I am missing something. Is there, for instance, another way to upload the right certificate to the Arduino rp2040 board?


Hi! Can I take a look to your code? Please, PM