Problem with write bucket


My problem is that the thing.write_bucket is not working all the time.
I tried the stream option but it didn’t work aswell. Hope someone can help. I’m quite new to coding.

For my home automated watering system i’d like to log the state of a switch.
My Idea is that arduino 1 is monitoring the soil moisture. (it is working for some weeks and logging all the date to thinger) If the moisture level is too low, it will put HIGH on an Output bin.

Now i want to log this state with my other Arduino 2. (all ESP8266 WIFI)
And then power on an relais for the pump.

Somehow the LED Output (outPIN) is working good.
The Serial Print prints only if there is a change between 0 / 1.

Now i want to log exactly the same data as printed.
If the Input is HIGH then is should log Timestamp + 1
If the Input is LOG it should log Timestamp + 0


Code for Arduino 2(without all the login infos)

// Thinger Stuff

int inPin = 16; //D0 am Board
int outPin = 5; //d1 am board

int state = HIGH; // the current state of the output pin

int drylimit = 0;
int old_drylimit = 0;

void setup() {

thing.add_wifi(SSID, SSID_PASSWORD);

thing[“Switch”] >> [](pson & out) {
out[“on”] = drylimit;
pinMode(inPin, INPUT);
pinMode(outPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
drylimit = digitalRead(inPin);

if (old_drylimit != drylimit) {
old_drylimit = drylimit;
thing.write_bucket(“l2_switchstate”, “Switch”);

if (drylimit == 1){
state = HIGH;
state = LOW;


digitalWrite(outPin, state);


Hi, according to your code, some of your writings may be failing according to the bucket write limite. For free accounts there is a limit of 1 data point per minute. So, if your drylimit is changing quite frequently, so it is sending multiple bucket writes, the server may be throttling them.

Ah thanks for the tip.
I’m currently in the maker plan, but it could still be too often.
I’ll try it with the 30 second limit.

hello, i would like to know what are the limits of a free account?, thank you