Problem with Text/Value Widget?

Problem with Text/Value Widget?

Value in data bucket = 8.625
Display set to 2 decimal places: value displayed = 8.63
Display set to 1 decimal places: value displayed = 8.6
Display set to 0 decimal places: value displayed = 9

All looks fine…

If I save / close the edit box and refresh the page the display will not “remeber” the 1 decimal place setting and displays 8.63! Re-opening the edit box shows 2 decimal places selected despite having set it to 1 and “saved” the edit.

Hello @greynomad50,

Thank you very much for your report. This problem has been fixed yet, it is solved in the new instances and also will be released in the next generation of Community Server, unfortunately I can’t tell when this will happen, we don’t know it.

Sorry about the inconveniences

Best regards

Thanks for the prompt reply. Glad you have the issue sorted, and an update is in the pipeline.
By the way, please thank the team for the updated / new Widgets. Displaying engineering data in the correct format is very important and the Dashboards are now much better in that regard.

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