Problem with ESP8266WebServer

Hi!, i have a problem, when i configure a conexion in the navigator with a wifi SSDI, wifi pw, name of account in thinger, name of device and credentials, i only can do one time in one device. I dont know how to change any field before mentioned. I try to flash, reset, but stills the last data in the board. How can i remove this data, or how can i update the fields??

Ok, i find some in the code, i see this:
void clean_credentials(){

how can i call this function?
Maybe this solve the problem

Ye, solucionated!
Just call thing.clean_credentials(); in the setup function for clear the fields.

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hi!, i am using esp wroom-32 dev kit core ver 2.0

i have download the updated at firmware ESP-WROOM-32 AT Bin V1.0 2017.11.17

send commands getting error codes
piz provide list of error codes& how to change the at commands USATR0.
now i am using USART1 send at commands (how to change in detailed usart0 to usart1)