Problem with configurable charts in Dashboard


I just started using and so far I’m impressed by how nice, easy to use and configurable it is.
I found one thing I struggle with and maybe someone know how to help me with it.
I have some charts (tried with both Apex Charts and Time Series Chart, the same thing happens for both).
If I choose Relative or Absolute as timeframe, everything displays nicely.

If I choose Configurable as timescale, the graph that has this option stops working even if I have data for that period. The other graphs still using Relative or Absolute work.

One thing I noticed that maybe is related is that I can’t set my Account timezone in the Settings even if I select one of the options from there.The error I get is " Ooops! Cannot process your request. Error 400 (failed to validate request schema)"

Does anyone have any idea on how can I make the Configurable charts work?


Configurable is quite a new option that does not seem to be yet working. I have the same observations.

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Hi! It will be fixed today!
It would be required to remove the widgets with configurable timespan selected and recreate them again.

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Should be working now!


Can confirm it now works for me.
Thanks so much Alvaro!

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Thanks for the feedback!