Problem With Charts

I have 2 devices feeding data into 7 buckets. This works fine and I display the latest data in a set of donut displays together with an associated chart…
So far so good. Initially the charts would display the data in the buckets fine, but as the data in the buckets got larger the charts became empty.
To prove the point I deleted all the buckets and started again. This solved the problem for approx half a day but then the problem gradually returned. I’m sure it’s something to do with the amount of data in the buckets.

I’ve tried both Chrome & Firefox browsers but the problem is the same. Sometimes, refreshing the page changes the display but does not fix the problem in that different charts fail to display.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Ps… The data logged to the buckets is spot on as is the dats displayed in the donut widgets.


Hi @greynomad50, what is your data logging rate, and what is the interval shown in the the chart? Maybe it is loading the information, and it may take some time. I think it needs a UI feedback to see when it is loading information.

The logging rate is once per minute and the interval shown is ten minutes.
The charts display correctly initially, but appear to stop updating after several hours running. The donuts still update correctly though.

HI I think I have a clue?
If I set the charts to ABSOLUTE and use today’s date… time 00:00 to 23:00 (i.e the last 23 hours) then the charts display correctly.
However, if I change to RELATIVE mode then the problems start.
I have tried LATEST & PREVIOUS and a variety of times 6 hours to say 24 hours and the problem of erratic display with blank charts if I do a page refresh returns.
Hope that helps?


Not sure If I understood you well. Let me know…

  1. You have data in your bucket that is stored correctly
  2. You open a dashboard with this data, and it show correctly independently of relative/absolute
  3. After some hours displaying buckets data in the dashboards with relative timespan, it starts to fail. Is it?


Sorry what I meant to say is:-

  1. Data is stored in the buckets correctly
  2. The dashboard donut widget displays this data correctly whatever.
  3. The charts widgets display correctly in absolute, but not in relative, when there are many samples in the buckets.

By the way I’m very impressed with this system. I have used Phant & Thingspeak in the recent past, but Thinger is the best I’ve come across so far.

As a retired Electronics Engineer, I’m happy to do Beta testing for you on live data if that helps you in any way…



I’ve done some further tests with the buckets / charts / donuts on my dashboard

  1. I’ve set up a test dashboard just using charts to display the data from 7 buckets.
  2. These work fine even in relative mode.
  3. However, if I then add a donut looking at one of the buckets the charts start to behave erratically in relative mode
  4. Conclusion:
    Charts and donuts work perfectly when looking at the same buckets PROVIDED they are
    NOT ON THE SAME Dashboard.
    There seems to be some interaction between the 2 types of widget when they are combined on a single dashboard and display the data from the same bucket?
    In other words my problem is caused by having a donut and a chart (in relative mode) displaying data from the same bucket and located on the same dashboard.

I hope that is clear ?


Hi @greynomad50! I write you in private…


Looks to be sorted now … THANK YOU