Problem making HTTP request - read/change values on device API


I was trying to generate HTTP request to send it with an android app(HTTP Request Widget), but I am not sure what’s the right format of HTTP request with thinger auth key to change certain parameters on a device’s API.

HTTP Request Widget Link :

As shown in API of the device I assume it is possible to make a request with shown data in a certain parameter that the device is streaming.

So I would like to know how to format HTTP request that thinger accepts for changing parameters on the device’s API as well as reading values from the device’s API.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @Matej
This is possible but, remember to create a “device token” for the authorization, because the one that you can see in the “API REST” explorer will be changed in few minutes.

then, create an HTTP request is easy, just copy the yellow rest api and add this:…/…/…SetTimerLuc?authorization=DEVICE TOKEN
all without spaces, then this should work

hope it helps