Problem in quick-start doc for ESP32


i think there is an error in the quick start documentation for the ESP32.
The instruction tells us to install the ESP8266 package instead of the ESP32 package.

Best regards

I already have reported that glitch in the documentation. Indeed that is not very difficult to recognize.

But if you are starting with the ESP32 be aware:
there is a bigger problem:

Install version 1.0.4 and NOT 1.0.6.
This last version has a TLS processing incompatible with Thinger.!

I just read your issue some minutes after i already openend my own issue…
Its easy to recognize but maybe confuses some people.

I ran into the connecting problem with version 1.0.6 yesterday but with #define _DISABLE_TLS_ it compiles and runs correctly without switching to version 1.0.4 so in my case thats okay for now.

But thank you anyway!

apparently version 1.0.4 runs an old TLS, but encrypts at least.
#define DISABLE_TLS just does that: it disables TLS.