Print values ​​in serial arduino!

Sorry for my english but I’m trying to print a value in the serial arduino value would EMAIL

Already I get values ​​in THINGER.IO just want to know how passso for arduino and print the serial


thing [ “novo_email”] << [] (Pson & in) {

Serial.print (Email);



If you want to receive and print text, you should do a conversion of the pson type to a const char, like the following:

thing [ "novo_email"] << [] (pson & in) {
    Serial.println ((const char*) in);

or also:

thing [ "novo_email"] << [] (pson & in) {
    Serial.println ((const char*) in["email"]);

depending on your needs.

I’m trying to make a connection with the ifttt.
Here my code I auditioned but nothing appears on the serial monitor

the method is not a GET method, it is a POST request!

The rest of the config seems to be ok!

I contacted the IFTTT staff also seems that the problem with them and thanks to

but I moved to post ran on the parts BodyPlain field still error

thanks for the answer, you helped me a lot. thank you so much, see ya!