Post a value using URL to Thinger IO

We are working out to make an android app of our own to turn on/off the LED and to transfer a string. We are able to get or read the resource from Thinger IO. But when it comes to posting the value, it turns out to have an error 401 unauthorized. Can we use URL in the browser to post a value to thinger IO. If yes, what is the url for that. We have tried with for getting content and it is working fine. How can we post a value.

Looking forward for the support @alvarolb .
Great work by the way!

Thanks in advance

Hi @raylog, did you tested the REST API over the “View API” section of the device? Best.

Yes, i have checked with it. The URL i used is this{“in”:“string to send”}

For the above trigger i am receiving a blank data in NODEMCU and blank data in console.

Whatever i put after & in the above URL, it is still triggering with a blank value. @alvarolb