Platform Version 5.2.0


Release Date: 10-04-2023


  • Included support for installing Products over plugins. Now, there are some Shelly devices added to the plugins Marketplace. We will grow it soon! Looking for contributors and partnerships!

  • Initial support for devices auto-provisioning over products. It is currently based on the device id but will include other features like white lists, manual approval, etc.

  • New Plugins Marketplace based on a monorepo repository: Plugins. It will allow better maintainability, and simplify new contributions!

  • Initial Plugin Exporter feature inside Products. This way, a Product can be easily converted to a Plugin. enhancing user contributions.

  • Device type to “device_authentication_failed” event.


  • Avoid creating a Docker network if the plugin does not run a task (i.e., products).
  • Plugins marketplace on frontend, with better image alignment.
  • Permissions assigned to user File Storages are 1000:1000, so they can be easily edited over plugins, i.e, in Node-Red, VSCode, Juypyter plugins, etc.
  • Plugin files copied on installation now have 1000:1000 permissions, so, they are modifiable over plugin shells.


  • Bucket exports showing duplicate columns
  • Domain creation when setting a name

This fix will fix the issue: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Hi @jaimebs

Will the recent Prometheus Exporter Plugin implementation make it possible to obtain metrics from the Thinger Server, as suggested in this issue?:

Hi @George_Santiago

I’m afraid that the Prometheus Exporter Plugin will not be able (at the moment) to retrieve server statistics, nevertheless we are working in providing an access to this statistics alongside a dashboard.

We hope to be able to open this in a short time.

The prometheus exporter plugin could be useful to export in the prometheus standard how many devices are connected, disconnected and disabled; as an example, but anything that is in the application database is suitable for export.