Platform Version 4.5.3

[4.5.3] 2022-07-13


  • Support for limiting range selector on dashboard (i.e., allow only relative and/or absolute range selection).


  • Screen helpers for all resources on, with links to documentation, API, features, etc.


  • Location set from a device property now overwrites geo-ip location, and:
    • Trigger device_location_changed event with new location
    • Execute the Geofence configuration to trigger any action based on location change
    • Fixed location is now displayed correctly on Assets Maps


  • Fix Bucket query when fields contain a path with dots, i.e., environment.temperature

How to upgrade from version 4.5.2 without lost current data?

Private instances will be updated tomorrow without losing data. Community instances are running now on 4.5.3.

@alvarolb What time it will be update? Do I need to restart my instance?


In my experience there is no fixed time to receive the update.

You will receive your update without notification and no further action needed, I recommend you constantly check the installed version to verify if you have received it or not, if in a couple of days you have not received it, it is possible that something has happened, keep in mind that the migration process is manual, they monitor the update process for each single particular instance to prevent data loss.

Hope this helps.

Hi @herikerb, the new version (4.5.4) has been released right now. Your instance will be updated in the following minutes.

Hi @alvarolb,
My private instance has been updated to v4.5.4, but device location on the Asset Map still no different, it still not override by location property from device itself.

any suggestion?

Hi, you will need to set again your device location (in the device properties) in order to see it updated on the asset manager.