Platform Version 4.2.0

[4.2.0] 2022-06-08


  • Open Graph support for title, description and image, configurable for each brand, i.e., when sharing a link over a social network/Whatsapp.


  • Bucket data viewer now includes a filter by time


  • Set project dialog now keeps previous assigned projects on the resources


  • Full support for new time-series backend: InfluxDB2

  • Server API updates with support for querying branch information and statistics from localhost

  • Landing pages for each resource type, providing information and links to resources

  • Support for launching processes inside plugins and get the command response over http/websocket

  • Shell over a plugin instance is now executed inside the plugin container (using exec)

  • Shell over a plugin now adapts to the original terminal size

  • Show page title according to navigation state, i.e., ‘Devices | esp32 | terminal’


  • Console rebrand based on new image/logo, including emails



  • InfluxDB2 queries performance when using ‘heavy’ buckets with multiple tag values
  • Data bucket import now excludes empty or null values
  • Internal proxies to plugins, required for supporting latest Grafana version and its security requirements
  • Plugins can now (and should) set image version inside the task.image field (i.e. grafana/grafana:8.5.4) , so it can be decoupled from plugin version
  • InfluxDB2 + Grafana integration, with automatic source configuration on install
  • Console terminals now uses a custom user-friendly scrollbar
  • Dashboard view on mobile when controls are enabled (timespan selector and aggregation)
  • Mobile navigation when clicking on menu or showing tables
  • Data bucket viewer now display local time instead of ISO date on bucket entries.
  • Better compatibility for showing last update timestamp on dashboard widgets (even time series charts)
  • Using ‘password’ type on account management
  • Fix tachometer widget scaling and value update


  • Multiple dashboards queries on dashboards when using buckets with several tags values
  • Undesired timestamp plot on time series chart when no field mapping is present on the widget source
  • Slider widget malfunction when setting step width smaller than 1.0
  • Dashboard aggregation controls shown on community version (only supported on private instances)
  • Console terminal not releasing window
  • Plugin markdown not shown
  • Migration to new dashboard sources not working correctly on control widgets
  • Download bucket exports not working on the community
  • Problems with device terminals after the 4.0.0 upgrade
  • Search by id or name problem after introducing ‘domain’ on resources
  • MQTT Fix potential crash with malformed inputs
  • Email fixes when using multiple brands and multiple email servers

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Hi @alvarolb
My server is at 100% since the change and does not recover. I can’t work with dashboards


We are very sorry to hear this. This version upgrade has involved and upgrade of the backend time series database InfluxDB, having to adapt to their new query language. It seems that the performance of this language is far inferior to the previous one.

We are currently working on this problem to give you a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime, we suggest that you take a closer look into your dashboards in order to reduce the amount of data retrieved in each one o giving tabs their own dashboard, and avoiding the use of aggregation when not necessary.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


thanks @jaimebs