Platform Version 4.0.0

[4.0.0] 2022-05-18


  • Support for multiple time series sources on time series widgets, i.e. charts, html time series, and maps.

  • Add new “Product” section to allow defining device profiles, that will help when managing devices at scale.

    • It supports updating device properties from MQTT topics / device resources
    • It supports defining buckets from MQTT topics/device resources
    • It allows creating custom device APIs for MQTT/HTTP/IOTMP devices.
    • Add support for processing data payloads with NodeJS runtime.
    • Add support for defining per-product dashboard, which is inherited by each device. Devices now automatically open the product dashboard if it is available.
    • It adds another property hierarchy for devices, with this order Product > Type > Group > Device.
  • Data buckets now supports tags: multiple data from the same type can be stored in the same bucket.


  • Dashboard support for buckets with tags.


  • New role named “Domain Admin”, with the ability to manage developer/members inside the specified domain(s).


  • Initial support for device shadow information, i.e., being able to display last stream data on a dashboard even if de device is disconnected.

  • Add new Inspector tool for any resource, so, it is possible to see live Events related to monitored resources, i.e., MQTT live data sent by a device.

  • Disabling a device from its settings disconnects the ongoing connection.

  • APIs now support additional content-types: messagepack, cbor, ubjson, and form data.

  • Support for InfluxDB transformations on dashboards


  • Support for MQTT retained messages


  • Aggregated data in dashboards now use browser timezone to display data correctly.
  • Device API now lazy load device resources when clicked, useful for devices with several resources.
  • Device API now keeps track of opened resources when refreshing the API with the button.
  • Tokens and Device Tokens can be easily copied with a button.
  • Allow plugins to update current token permissions.
  • Auto-hide track waypoints on map widget depending on map zoom level.
  • Bucket data view now displays the real field case on the columns.


  • Brand email configuration not working properly
  • Profile Settings link not working
  • Buckets source switch not working when changing from a device resource to anything else
  • Disabling a bucket was not stopping a device resource streaming properly
  • Closing hosts dashboard throw error on console
  • Resource selector not taking the correct selected id when using similar ids
  • Device event ‘device_authentication_failed’ not throw
  • Device enable/disable setting not working properly
  • Fix Device API curl example when body request is ‘false’
  • Endpoint HTTP request body editor not showing until ‘Test’ section is opened
  • Fixed butter-bar not showing while loading pages
  • Fixed Image/MJPEG widget not updating images or updating after modifications
  • MQTT client timeout not being used


  • Updated OpenSSL version from 1.1.1j to 1.1.1m
  • Updated Boost version from 1.75 to 1.78
  • Updated mongoc version from 1.20.0
  • Updated mongocxx version from 3.6.2 to 3.6.6
  • Updated CryptoPP from 8.4.0 to 8.6.0[date=2022-05-18 timezone=“Europe/Madrid”]

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