Platform version 2.9.4

We will start notifying platform updates over the community. But remember you can see the actual ChangeLog directly in the platform, cliking at the bottom right version.

Date: 08/10/2020
Component: Cloud Platform

Additional Information

[2.9.4] - 2020-10-08


  • Add support for users with role ‘Project Member’, specially useful for end users
    • Project Members are not limited with the regular max user license limit.
    • Project Members customizes the menu, hiding features not available for end-users
  • Add support for setting custom profile picture, removing the Gravatar approach.
  • Add support for changing roles to accounts between user, admin, and member.
  • Add Support on menu, whith link to our Helpdesk


  • User deletes now correctly erases all buckets, running plugins, and other critical resources associated to the account.
  • Token and members permissions with the possibility to set wildcards on actions, i.e., List , Read , etc.
  • Adding a member to a project now displays a selector with search capabilities (for admins).


  • Batch users removal.
  • Fix removing properties from types, and groups after its deletion.
  • Fix restart other hosts in the cluster from Cluster Host Admin.
  • Remove bucket exports after bucket deletion.
  • Remove contextual “Set projects” button on resources that does not support it.
  • Avoid sending current project params on requests that does not support it.
  • “Close” project after account logout.
  • Other minor UI fixes.