Pause receiving data from a Device


Is it possible to pause the reception of data from a device?

Ex: A customer has not paid for a device subscription, how do I pause the receipt of data from the device?

In the “Devices” panel, the status “Connected” and “Disconnected” is shown, is there an option like “Paused”?

In this option, the device would continue to function and send data to the platform and inform that it is online (“Connected”), but the platform would not receive or store the data.
But on the panel, it would show the status “Paused”.


I guess the way is removing the user from the project, so in this case everything will keep working but the end user will not be able to see anything, and when pays will access the whole information.

You can disable the bucket too, this will cause loss of information, be careful according your service agreements.

I would charge a “reconnection” fee… To avoid users fall on the habit to let be banned from the service and just getting access again.

I guess this should fill your requirement.

Hope this helps.