Passing TIME (hour) value


Is there anyway I can pass the time (hour digit suffices) from thinger to the arduino ?
I need to put a condition which depends on the hour of the day.

Thank you.

I recommend you use the RTC, and set this up in the arduino, why? Because if the remote unit (arduino) loses communication with the next link in the control chain (cloud of thinger, in this particular case), you lose the process.

Only for good practice, in the process control philosophy, the remote unit should be able to compare and make decisions without communication with the server, or scada, or thinger cloud, or whatever is up next in the distributed control system, the communication must be done just for changes in the configuration, to report variables, statuses and alarms.

Thanks for the answer. The other option would be to connect to an NTP server to get the time and add a 24 hour timer, To be honnest I have not had much luck so far playing around with timers to connect to different networks.
Just to give you a bit of backround on this simple project. I would like to ‘automate’ an ant farm. The minimum is to set temperature day/night time temperature. Humidity is controled and triggered with a servo pump pushing water to a small tank. Nothing complicated here, just for fun !
Everything works well but I would like now to push this to Thinger, which requires to see things differerntly and amend the code considerrably. I have seen on the forum similar project which I am sure will help.
Thinger is today the only solution that works perfectly without connnection loss on my wifi cc3000 shield.

So thank you again !

Well thats another method xD

I’ve worked with DS3107 as a real time clock, just add the library, adjust the clock, and it’s done, this device tells you everything, till if it’s weekends.

And the most important thing, it is less heavier for the micro handle a RTC (just i2c communication) than asking to a remote server, keep this in mind :wink: