Particular cloud/app suggestions

Thinking about B2B2C, I think there are things that can be improved to provide a better user experience to end customers, this is my particular thought, I want to invite the community to share their own experience / opinion, in order to provide developers a clear roadmap so they can focus effort on meeting the most popular needs.

For menu I would love to have the same permision management as buckets, dashboards… etc, so according project members can be selected the menu that will have access, so basically the administrator can design what menu will have each project member, according the particular case.

Landing page
After login, would love to select a particular dashboard that will work as landing page for the user, not land on statistics, this in order to improve the user experience, end users dont need to know how many devices, buckets, dashboards locations etc…, so in case the users have many devices, it can be designed a general dashboard showing the most relevant information, and if they need to dig deeper go to the particular dashboard, so they can check as fast as possible the general status of the measured process.

Mobile app
The two versions of the mobile app works directly with the api on the devices, this is really helpful for developers or administrators, not for end users, I think would be more helpful if can be scanned a QR code or add dahsboard’s links, as the generated links when a dashboard is shared, with the token to manage the access (with the option to set token expiration), so basically the app will show the dashboards that are addedd, or the list to access each one…