Own hosted server issues connecting device!

Im having problems adding my raspberry pi to my own Thinger server.
I can connect to my server through console.thinger.io but when i try to add a device i get the following error!
What do i do wrong?

Hi @gurrbuss you need to change the iot server. Checkout the log, it is trying to connecto to iot.thinger.io, and it should point to your custom server.


HI. Thanks for the quick response.
I know its trying to connect to that server but no matter what i do i cant make it connect to mine :slight_smile:
I have changed it by going to https://xxx.xxx.xxx/#/settings ( i use a subdomain to my server so its not a ipadress) and changed to my domain instead of api.thinger.io and then define thinger server accordingly in the main.cpp file on the raspberry pi, still dont work it still try to connect to your server?
It even say that thinger server is changed on the Pi but still connect to wrong server :frowning:
Is there any other place i need to change?

Isnt it anybody who can point me in the right direction to solve this issue?


Hi again.
I solved the problem.

I had to change the servername in the thinger_client.h file also and then everything works perfect :slight_smile:


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Remember that you need to add the next line as the first line of the sketch


And of course it can be another domain name, not necessarily an IP address :wink: