Own hosted server issues connecting device ( ON UBUNTU 16.04)

I can connect to my server through console.myip, i can add a device, but the device remain offline.

Hi, did you pointed your device to your server ip address as stated in documentation?


I had the same problem as the solution is a bit hard to find in the documentation with the terminology used but the solution would be to put this>>>>


at the very top of your sketch replacing the IP number with your server URL.

Hi, i have pointed to my server ip the esp8266 device.
I added in my sketch the definition of my server ip, my server and my device are in the same network, ping between server and device is ok., but the device remains offline. Should i check something in the server configuration (tHINGER.IO MAKER SERVER file configuration) or in my device sketch ?( my device can connect to my wifi network)

Hi @prima, can you post a debug log of your ESP8266 while connecting? If you are connecting to your server over local network, I suppose there are no firewalls blocking the server ports…

[NETWORK] Connecting to network TP-LINK_CC32
[NETWORK] Connected to WiFi!
[NETWORK] Getting IP Address…
[NETWORK] Got IP Address:
[NETWORK] Connected!
[_SOCKET] Connecting to…
[_SOCKET] Using secure TLS/SSL connection: yes
[_SOCKET] SSL/TLS Host Verification Error!
[_SOCKET] Connected!
[THINGER] Authenticating. User: MMM Device: prevent
[THINGER] Writing bytes: 39 [OK]
[THINGER] Authenticated

Uhm… this is not a debug LOG from the Thinger APP. What is that? Take a look to the Arduino documentation to enable debug.


Problem solved!

Just for future reference. What was your problem? Your updated log in the post seems ok now :wink: