Overview of Thinger.io

Can anyone summarize for me what are the advantages and disadvantages of thinger.io?

Here you may find some information about thinger’s features:

If you want to test, feel free to join the community server:

And here you may find a quickstart guide:

Hope this helps.

On how many pages small text should one summarize the advantages?


The biggest advantages are ease of use and deployment time. I managed to get a prototype device on line and a really nice looking dashboard set-up for a client demonstration in less than 4 weeks (working weekends only)

The only disadvantage is that its difficult sometimes to understand how the ‘magic’ works. There is so much clever stuff happening behind the code (in the libraries and dashboard) which is what makes it so easy to set-up, but when it doesn’t work it can take a while to figure out why. However that is when the forum comes in handy.

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The biggest advantage is that you can set up a really gorgeous dashboard and historical tracking without any additional own hardware, no MQTT gateway, no database to maintain, no Grafana, no Raspberry pi…
The learning curve is there, sure, but you have only one, not one for every subsystem and all the stuff matching things together.

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