OTA massive devices upgrade

I have a question about OTA and would like to share it here.

Considering the architecture of thinger.io, each device has an ID. Taking a look at VisualCode, it is possible to update only one device at a time.

Let’s imagine that a company that uses the thinger.io platform has 1000 devices connected and needs to update the firmware for example.

How to update all devices at the same time, avoiding updating each device separately?

Thank you!

I have already submitted this issue ( 21/11/2021, 14/02/2022 ), but they have told me that there is no way and in the future they will build it… I want to help but there is no documentation of how they carry out the process.

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This feature will be available in the following months (hopefully on april). We are about to release a BETA section called “Products” which allow an easier configuration for fleets of devices. This section, among other things, will include (hopefully on april) a feature to keep track of firmwares and flash new versions automatically. So, it is compiled once in Visual Studio Code, uploaded to the Product, also vía VSCode, and then the server manages the upgrade with the devices.

At this moment there is no documentation about the internal OTA process, but it is available in the source code, both in the Arduino library and the VSCode plugin. But yes, in the meanwhile it is possible to use APIs to iterate over registered devices, and flash them using the same calls done in VSCode.