Ostensive flag (watermark) for "Show Offline" in the Widge

We are suggesting this implementation because many of our users have made mistakes when reading Dashboard data that is out of date.
With this functionality, we hope that users will not make mistakes when reading the panel data.

Have other members noticed similar problems with their project users?


I think this may be interpreted in the wrong way, not as the widget has not been updated but as the server/platform has failures.

I would recommend to educate end users to interpret correctly their widget’s update timestamp. This would be helpful for their decision making, the development of criteria for reading and interpreting their indicators.

Hope this helps.

Educating the end user is not a viable solution when you have dozens, hundreds and thousands of devices feeding dashboards.
We are the ones who have to use the mechanisms and strategies available to apply to the dashboard to avoid “human error” by the user.

Maybe the message could be different. Instead of “offiline”, it could be “Inactivated due to outdated information”.
We really need this functionality in widgets and it could be something optional, as suggested. If someone doesn’t want to, they can just have the “red clock” in the top corner.
We need to remember that many users barely know how to read and interpret a graph. Therefore, having a watermark with this information will prevent users from making mistakes when viewing the widget information.

@alvarolb , Any thoughts on this suggestion?

Remembering that we strongly advocate the incorporation of the “red clock” to signal that the information was beyond the update deadline.

But many users do not understand this information and end up misreading and interpreting the information that is visible (although outdated) in the widget.
With this watermark, the user will not commit “human error”.

Or use the same “hands down” symbol, as currently used.
In any case, having this watermark indicating that the widget’s data is out of date will ensure that the user does not misread the data. We need to use a mechanism like this to prevent “human error”.


I apologize, I dont know which process you are measuring-handling, however to educate the users it could be as easy as deploy an online manual (video, how to webpage, etc…) and add a link into the dashboard “How to read this dashboard” and send a massive email, it should be a 2 min lecture.

I think giving the habiltiy to end users to decide wheter the data is useful or not according the timestamp would be more helpful than establishing when the data is outdated, more if you have thousands of devices, for sure inside your +1000 customers have more than one particular case that will appreciate how to interpret dashboards and widgets indicators besides to have the notification that even will prevent reading the previous data.

On other hand the value about giving this task to end customers, will prevent to have the task running into the server, the process watchng each device will consume a little bit but with dozens, hundreds and thousands of devices for sure it could impact the performance.

Hope this helps.

The “hand down” symbol could have the same fade-in and fade-out effect that is applied to the “red clock”.

The current “hand down” and “red clock” symbols already follow a logic of signaling that the data is out of date, as configured in the widget (be it the device source, device property or bucket).

What is extremely important is that another complementary sign (watermark) be implemented to avoid the occurrence of human error, when the user hastily reads data from the panel that is out of date.

We, who are in daily contact with project users who have little education in reading graphic data and being aware of its update, know how important a resource like this is. This would avoid several inconveniences caused by “human error”.

And the solution to avoid this is very simple, use a sign similar to a watermark on the widget when the “Show Offline” time is reached.