Сooperation with IFTTT?

I found on the internet simple, but powerfull automation sheduler with planty of options:

There are already connected planty of Home automation services, lika OpenHAB, SmartThings etc…
So my thought was, is it possible to use thinger.io with IFTTT.com?
It could open planty of new experience!

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Or dear…
Didn`t noticed, that same project topic already exist:

My bad…

Yes @maxfox04 ! There are two different ways of using IFTTT with thinger.io.

One is for triggering IFTTT events, like this one that post tweets with humidity and temperature:

An the other way is to make your things to react to IFTTT events, like this other one that show the latest twitter follower in a small screen:

So yes, it is possible to use IFTTT in both directions, and this open the platform to a next level of automation =)

Thats the extra great things! :+1: