One endpoint to trigger multiple endpoints

Hi, is it possible to call a (generic) endpoint on the Thinger Server and then trigger other endpoints (sms, email, telegram, HTTP…)?

If not, it would be great to be able to associate multiple endpoints into one.

My goal is to call “thing.call_endpoint” just once to trigger an endpoint that, within the Server, would trigger others (sms, email, telegram, HTTP…).

Currently I have been using multiple "“thing.call_endpoint” to call multiple endpoints but this approach consumes a lot of data from my 2G/GSM internet package.

OBS: Maybe it is possible by NodeRed, but I still find it complex to use.


it can be easily done with Node-Red. Just create a virtual endpoint on Thinger, and then capture the virtual endpoint call on node-red with the Server Event node. Then, just call the required endpoints.

Best regards.