On-Premise thinger server


I have successfully deployed my on-premise server using docker engine on win 10 according to the documentation: https://docs.thinger.io/deployment/on-premise

It’s all running in the docker engine with no problems, but i can’t access the server using the browser after typing my local ip address, it reports the following:

Is there a missing step or option ?!

Hello Tester,

It is hard to know without any additional information. The server has not been tested over Windows10 (maybe that is the problem), but please check if the firewall is locking the connection and if is there any application listening to the server port.


Thank you for your reply.

What kind of information do you need?

We tried to disable firewall but still the same problem.

Kindly note that steps of setup the server through docker completed successfully.

But as I said, typing my local ip in the browser didn’t open up any thing, it just says:“refused to connect”.

what does this mean ?