On premise Server Certificates

I like to put a Certificate on my Server and did as in the documentation described and put them in /data/thinger/certificates. Followed by a restart of my server. It takes still the original Certificates

Do I miss a step?

Hi @SecureXperts! The custom certificate is not customizable for maker servers. ¿what subscription are you using?

I have Maker Licence. But this very basic security and they do not allow this for Maker server?
So How can i fix this error

Hi, you need to create a folder inside /data/thinger/certificates, i.e., mydomain.com
Then place there the the fullchain.pem and privkey.pem files. Yo should see in the log how the server loads the certificate. However, notice that to use your custom certificate, you should access to your instance over this domain, and not your local IP, as shown in your screenshot.

Hope it helps!