On-Premise installation of Thinger.io Server on MacOS

Good morning everyone,

I have successfully deployed a private Thinger.io On-premise instance using docker on MacOS. It’s all running in the docker engine with no problems (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3), but i can’t access the server through the browser. After typing my local ip address, it reports the following (FIG. 1). Is there additional configuration for MAcOS? Thanks a lot!

Fig. 1

@alvarolb @Tester Suggestions?

OS: Mojave 10.14.6
Docker, Engine v19.03.13, Compose: 1.27.4, Kubernetes v1.18.8

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

@JorgeTrincado @alvarolb Can you help me please. :,(

Hi @alexaquino, at this moment we do not have exhaustively tested Thinger.io on Mac, as Docker for mac has some limitations on the network side. Can you show the logs on thinger?

dockers logs thinger --follow

Of course. Thank you for the answer.

log.txt.zip (6.2 KB)

Hi @alexaquino, I cannot see any error from the log file. I suppose you have tried to enter the instance via http://localhost or https://localhost ? Can you please post me also the information from docker inspect thinger?

Hi @alvarolb, thank you very much.

Yes, but https://localhost returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and http://localhost ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

The information from inspect: docker-inspect-thinger.txt.zip (4.1 KB)

http://<MY IP ADDRESS> and https://<MY IP ADDRESS> it also didn’t work.

Hi @alexaquino,

just looking over the Internet I remembered the limitation on MacOS: Containers cannot run on host network. It is a limitation in Docker for Mac, as Docker is running inside a VM. At this moment, Thinger.io is not prepared for working outside network host, i.e., exposing the ports to the host machine with -p "80:80"… or similar flags on docker-compose.yml. So, accessing your localhost will fail, as Thinger.io is running inside the Docker VM. At this moment, one approach can be to “proxy” your communications trhough Docker VM (not ideal, but I have tested it on Mac and works!), following the next approach:

Instead of getting the container IP address as stated in this comment (thinger container will not have an IP as it is working on host network), just access the IP address of the Docker VM. In my case, I just extracted it with docker network inspect bridge, i.e., in my case it is, and it is working fine.

For the long term, I will try to improve Thinger.io deployment, so it can be used without the network host (at this moment it is developed to be running alone in a Linux server).

Hope it helps!