On my shared desktop two text widgets don't appear

on a shared desktop two static text widgets on the head of the dashboard don’t show any text:

The header should be:

Have you got an idea what prevents the text to appear?

Thank you.

The texts appears when I call the dashboard -at the same time- from the owner thinger view as well on the shared view, but if I don’t actively call the dashboard, then the shared view has no text.

Not sure if I understand the issue. This is what i see:

This is correct, but frequently the brown and yellow text on the second row is not present.
I just cannot figure why not…

P.S. i found out, that when it does not appear, refreshing the view helps.
Probably some of the strange things that are specific to a browser + provider + country + … combination.

Sorry for the disturbance, that is not worth inverstigating further unless others are massively impacted as well.

I have now found when exactly static texts are not updated on my dashboards.
That happens each time I apply a new time range to a dashboard containing a configurable time series.
In fact like already mentioned, refreshing the whole view helps, but returns to the default time range as well.
Could you please check, when you got an opportunity?
That bug is not critical, after all…