Not able to control digital pins

Hey all,

I have been trying to write digital pins when a certain threshold of my sensor is reached. But so far nothing has worked. Does anyone have any idea how to do so? I’m basically a big newbie, so if the steps could be explained properly, I will appreciate it gratefully.

Thanks in advanced.


Your problem seems to be an Arduino problem and not related with

But to give you some indications, please answer these questions :

  • How do you read your sensor’s value ?
  • How do you know the write failed on the digital pins ?


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I was just wondering if it is possible to control the pins using platform.
Is that possible or do we have to write the code in arduino only to control the digital pins?



If you could control some digital pins from, you would have to send some messages (like HTTP request) from Thinger and receive them on your Arduino.

Even if it was possible, you would have to write some code to control the digital pins.

Do you have any issues controling these digital pins from an Arduino Code ?



No issues controlling through Arduino.


So I guess you would need an Arduino code to decode the request made from Thinger (but I don’t think you can even send HTTP request from Thinger).

Maybe some experts from Thinger can help you more here.

I dont understand clearly what you want to do

To control digital pins, in thinger library examples there is an example to control the led by console’s api and the mobile app, that is how it must be done the digital pin control

To control by a sensor value, just arduino coding, nothing involved with thinger platform, maybe by thinger platform you can establish the activation-deactivation value, but it is most arduino coding.

To control by another microcontroler sensor value, you need to make a device call, in documentation there are examples and I think that i saw something in the forum.

If you can be more explicit posting your issue it would be really helpful for us to understand what is going on, and as you say that you are a newbie I give you welcome and recommend you to take a look into documentation and the forum before to post any doubt, maybe it was solved previously.

Go for it :wink: