Non-invasive Current Clamp Sensor Reading Real-time IoT Dashboard

Hi, Can somebody help me how to implement Emonlib in thinger dashboard?

I want to get the current (Irms) and display it on the dashboard since the sensor is clamp/hook to an electrical outlet.

Here is my code:

I tried to follow the tutorial posted about dht11 and modify it according to my need but I can’t seem to work it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Remember that in this forum you will get help working with, not with the code of your particulary deployment, it is very difficult (at least for me) to get the devices you are working with, and invest time to debug your code, if I have the experience, I have no problem to share it the answer if I find it, but my experience says that you easily will get help in another forum ( or stackoverflow) with your particular code and application (and in that forums there are more experienced programmers), and once your device is working locally, come here if you can’t get working with thinger, but in this way we are blinded and hands tie to help you, I don’t know what does or doesn’t your project, don’t know if the sensors are ok, don’t know if it is correctly wired, don’t know what tests you did in order to find the bug.

I’m really sorry if I look like politeless, but I say every above in order to give you a vision from my position, every factor that I would check, and try to help you gain experience from mine.

It’s hard to begin from 0, but I’ve learned that the best developers get bored with beginers or low level doubts, and just ignore posts, and sometimes gets angry if you don’t invest 5 minutes to search for the answer and your first choice is post the question and wait for answers.

My personal recommendation is get working your project locally (at least serial console reporting) and after that, try to integrate with thinger platform, I mean divide your project in milestones and go one by one, in this way you will know specifically where problems are and find help to solve it, and is more easy to make changes, reuse code in the future, etc…


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Hi! I suggests what @ega says. Did you were able to make it working locally, without thinger? If you have a working code, like reading the sensor, we can help you to port it to thinger. It should be easy. Let us know you code for using the sensor!