Nodered node: "property write" setting deviceid to a function connect node

i am using the nodered plugin to implement checks on the data received from mqtt.
Everything ok …but my problem that I can’t use the “property write” node with deviceid setting on function node.

Everything is ok if I set idDevice fixed directly in the configuration window on text input,
but if I leave the device field empty and want this iddevice to be set by a function node passing msg. . I saw that if I pass = “…” I can set the device property correctly but I can’t find what to pass to set the deviceid from a function connected to this node.
i’ve test

… but nothing

kind regards

hello i’ve solved from doc inside NodeRed

msg.asset_id = …

sorry … I have seen the documentation in NodeRed just now

best regards

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Glad you got it working @secur_lab. We are still on the process to migrate your server to the BETA one, so we can test the new MQTT features. Will keep you informed.