Nodered data processing

Hi, i am using NodeRed plugin to edit some data from bucket.
As soon as my device write data to bucket (sigfox callback), i want to make some math operations and write corrected data directly to bucket, deleting original entry.
How can i do?

It’s a bit tricky, based on NodeRed and Thinger Bucket, if you are using the THINGER node, then it’s really hard to delete and write data on the same value in the bucket, you can do so if you use the HTTP request with THINGER API by adding the exact timestamp in ms on the payload so the bucket will overwrite the old value with the new one if you send the data with the same exact timestamp
timestamp should be part of the packet like this:

The source value should not be written directly to the bucket. You could use a function in the bucket property of a Thinger product to compute the value before writing to the bucket, or you could use a server event node in Node-RED to transform the value then write it into the bucket using a bucket write node. In the second case, you must change the bucket data source. Hope this helps.

server event
bucket data source